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Saturday, July 31, 2004


Hellowa, do u know there is bond between number of times you piss off per day and your age .You wanna know the link Check out the following piece of mathematics .

1. First of all, pick the number of times you would piss off a day. (Try for more than once but less than 10)

2. Multiply this number by 2 (Sometimes it happens right!! Like when your boozing)

3. Add 5.

4. Multiply it by 50 (I know you are not so good at maths, let me wait until you click the window's calculator)

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1754...If you have not, add 1753.

6. Now subtract the four-digit year that you were born. You should have a three-digit number.

The first digit of this three-digit number is your original number (i.e., how many times you want to piss each day).

The next two Digits gives ....... your age! ~ (oh yes, it is!!!!! )

I caught this interesting piece of maths in a website .It fascinated me so I could not resist putting it up here. I hope you all loved it. The sad thing is it will work only for this year .
Do you know. I made a minute change to that to make it bit funny. [I know u all will make out what that "small change", yes your guess is 100% right, originally it was with respect to number of chocolate you eat per week not with respect to pissing off !!]. I believe you will never mind Citra's impish mind ...All just for fun and to make things bit more enjoyable!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Hello friends, I was hitchcocked by a link to my blog, in Meera's blog. I didn't suffer any shy to say that Meera is the first person to place a link to me, because when I first started to blog I didn't expect all these. I just wanna have a virtual space for me that is all. In order to design a website for me it will take more time(with respect to number of pages and content I have to write )So taking up my sluggishness in to account I decided to beam up my thoughts over a blog (since only one page and no much hitch as in web page) . A blog just for my friends .But now everything changed I can see lots more people coming to my blog .and all my best friends like Srini ,Pupps ,Eli ,Mag had made it a daily act to come here and say hi to me and other friends. My blog had become a place for there virtual get together .Other than my buddies I can see some new faces too like Tii , Bhuvana, Sonya and few more. Thank you my buddies with out your continuous support my blog would have been desolated.

Okay okay coming back to Meera.I feel saying just Meera itself is very anomalous I should say Prince's Meera .If u want to know why I say so, go to
her blog and check yourself for elaborations. Let me abbreviate it to P'm (even G'm is correct but I love calling her P'm since I am much used to prince than Gagan) .The first time I stopped at P'm blog is because of the stunning photos she used. I am such a kind of photo freak who has a collection of about 2 GB of photo in my system based up on my wide-ranging interests. As I don't have a separate internet connection I will not save the photos when I was online and waste time .What I will do is I will go to all the pages in that particular website and get the photos saved in offline mode .This is the same thing happened with P'm blog too . I saved all her blog archived pages to my system . After saving all the photos in her web page (Meera I think u will never mind this moocher).

Just like that, I read the current page of her blog it was all Greek and Latin to me. But when I saw so many comments I was astonished I thought what the guys are commenting for when they cannot understand nothing? In internet it always happens whether it is chat room or blog or what ever it is , I had seen guys praising gals for silly things just to please them and befriend them ,or they will harass them with filthy words too the maximum extent .The point is only one thing that they should not be ignored they need some attention from gals . I thought this blog may be some thing of that kind .However the comments were matured . This oddity made me read her blog from beginning and I did so and slowly I was able to understand her blog and felt the visitors really meant what they say!! Now I myself is a habitual visitor in her site .Her site is one among the highly peopled blog as of my knowledge.

To be frank even now I am not able to understand her ideology fully (another 10% left). Few days back I read a Tamil novel named "Sila Nerangalail Sila Manidargal"[In English, the translation goes like this "some People At Some Phase Of Time"- I feel this translation is not the accurate one, any how just to give u the meaning] by my beloved writer
Jayakanthan . There is a character in the novel by name Manju, in many places (I didn't say in all places) she remembered me of P'm in her. May be the circumstances which molded me and P'm may be different .I think that causes the lapse in me to understand her temperament fully .Any how, she is unusual that is for sure.

I was here just to post a thank you message to her, but see I am telling all the backend stories .P'm thank you very for your link . Ha ha I was about to tell this with in one paragraph but things got escalated .What is there after all ,this is my blog and I got all the freedom do it na !!and more over the main reason is I don't have any other work to do right now!!

Monday, July 26, 2004


Being six feet and Four inches tall (obviously tallest in college) Many a times my friends will have words with me for not getting into basket ball team and even our college games teacher continuously pulled me for it till he got bugged up at last . Every time he comes to me, I gave some filthy reason to avoid being in the team. Even some times, I used to bury with in my gang of friends when I cross him since I know games are not my cup of Tea.

Only thing I do with respect to games is going to gym that too I am regularly irregular there too. (Because for every four months I will stop going to gym due to my semester exams and it will take another two more months to getting started from the scrap) .To be frank I do not know much about sports. If there is, some thing called sports quotient then for me SQ will be in negatives. I know nothing about Olympics .How then I got so engrossed by her?

I think during last Olympic season one night my finger ran across my TV remote control as usual .Suddenly my channel browsing was ceased at a particular news channel and just looked at that gal who is shown on the TV .Even thought she is dark she is very beautiful .She had that some thing extra .When I first saw her I am not aware of the fact that she is the great sprint star ,she had won so much honor etc..etc. Even then she has some thing attractive and she was able to keep my eyes glued to the TV screen ,that smile ,that particular magic smile I still remember .That did the mojo I think . Do you wanna know who she is - that is none other than my favorite Sprint star MARION JONES .

I cannot say that she is glamorous but she is attractive or I can say she is B-E - A -U - T - I - F - U - L !! That is the opt word I think. What made her so beautiful I don't know exactly at that period .Then after a long time when I saw her photo on newspaper and TV channels I found the beauty may be because of the two magic sharp tooths and the oval face cut what she has.

I think all of you would have experienced this atleast once in your life , Some times , some people(irrespective of gender) used to grab our attention even though we don't know who they are and Marion Jones is one of that kind .As we say " Tall ,Dark and Handsome " for men I think now we can alter it a bit and say "Tall , Dark and Beautiful " that will suite her exactly .

You may think why this guy writes about her now? Leaving all those times when she was so admired .Yesterday I saw the bad news about MJ in news. It said she was involved in some doping during Olympic. The saddest part of the tale is ,even her husband himself turned against her . So when I read that news I felt I should write some thing about her in my blog and so I did .By this blog I din't mean to say she din't do any mistake but if the doping charge against her proved to be false I will be very happy because it is very awful to see her with out that magical smile!

Isn't she cute????????? Don't you feel that extra some thing in her !!Guys no drooling plz.....