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Saturday, August 21, 2004


Right now I am reading "The Third Wave" by Alvin Toffler .I don't know much about Alvin Toffler, only thing I know about him was that he was a Sci-Fi author that is all . So when I was taking the book from the library I thought it will contains stories relating to aliens, UFO's and space ships. But when I started to read , the things were totally different no UFO's ,no space ships ,it was all about the various revolutions which happened in this world .Revolutions means not concerned with those ones which are related to independence of each nation ,but this book refers to revolutions which is common to all the people I this globe.

He has divided the revolutions in to three categories the first is agricultural revolution, then Industrial revolution and then the third is Technetronic revolution .This third revolution is the one, which is beginning now .it includes computers, internet, technology, electronics and all other stuffs.

Those who have a liking to watch documentaries will surely love to read this book .in this he deals with how these revolutions affected each and every aspect of human life from sex to god ,from education to corporations ,postal to telephones and everything under the sun .

Now I am only at the 150th page out of 400 .hope to finish it soon. Before that let me say some thing, which impressed me very much in this book Alvin Toffler says the most powerful people in this world are not the ones who own lots of wealth but the ones who were able to control and co-ordinate the things .yeha how correct he is see even in India the more powerful people are the politicians ,the actors etc ..if u can see their past they would not have much wealth but they learned the art of controlling and co-ordinating which pushed them to the top .once when they started to control, the wealth automatically surrendered in to there hands .

You can even apply the same principle to your friends group too,the person who is head will not the one who is macho or the one who is handsome or wealthy but he will be the one who can control and co-ordinate every one . one of the best example I can give is Gandhi .he had nothing except control and co-ordination .so common friends why not we also try to apply the same principle .control doesn't mean suppressing some but it can also be used in positive terms . Think in that way .The more control comes from more co-ordination .The co-ordination can be increased by having lots of links ,that is none other than lots of friends and known people .So when u know lots of people , your life will become easier . For thse who like non fiction this is a best choice.