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Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Till now I was only writing about broad-spectrum stuff but all of a sudden I felt writing about my goodie goodie friends here will add beauty to my virtual space ,but ok but whom to write about first and the name just popped out is Maggie . However, u may ask why her name first? Is there any thing special? My answer is plain "I dunno" because all my friends have some thing extraordinary and Maggie is not an exception.

By just reading the name "Maggie", if you imagine her to be a gorgeous adolescent gal with all her wits and fancies. You are no way erroneous she is the same except for her age .Yes she is in her sixties right now but u will not find that out unless you see her .She is so young mentally (and vocally too - she has got a toddler's vocal cord ).

She is my chat friend .Right now staying at North Wales , in UK .I don't know particularly when we both started first .outta blue I met her in a chat room and very much impressed by the way she handled me we befriended each other and now I think we had crossed around three years.

She has multitude of friends from all over the world and for them all she is special .do u ever seen two guys fighting to a women in her sixties to chat with him first. It happens with Maggie, she has such an influence and she is such a lovable heart on earth.

Our Indians staying in UK call Maggie us UK MUM. Because they all felt so comfortable with her like there mom. Not only them even I felt the same comfort in her presence .she is the dump yard where I unload many of my tribulations. either it is a childish squabble or life's turning point decision she will deal with both of them with the same seriousness. We will have lots of childish chats, I don't know whether she remembers now or not, I once asked her if there is some thing like next birth happens she should be my gal friend in that birth .she gave a immediate yes with a lightning smile on her face. I still laugh when I think about that.

We chat about everything under the sun but until now never felt the age diversity with her. I don't know how she camouflage her age .May be I think that is one of her specialty - note I said " one of her " because she is multi talented let me list out a few I remember she is a great hair designer ,she is good at drawing ,she is a great cook many a times seen her preparing dinner for her family simultaneously chatting with me ,she can smile with me even at the hardest of part of her life,she is very good at singing ( "my heart will go on" song sung by her for me still resonates in my ears),she can dance(I still remember the online party we had),up above all this she is a good calm and comfortable listener (which most of us lack) even with her own burning problems inside she will silently listen to your stupidest problems and even tell solutions to them - She gives that much importance to your feelings , she is capable of many more things …

India is not an alien nation for her because one of her son in law is from India and he is from pondycheri -Tamilnadu that is notable .Even thought she is staying in England right now, she had been in Tamil Nadu more than a year. Recently many a times she planned to come to India, but her plans where flunked by some way or the other. one of the aims we both have is we should meet at least once in our life time .hope for it to happen soon .if that happens I will surely wander around Chennai with her along with all my friends . Eagerly waiting for that to happen.

Ok if u ask me to write about her, I will keep on writing and I need a separate blog for her. Because Maggie is a wonderful lady whose life is a book from which we all have to learn lot of lessons .so let me stop here by saying if you need pure love and friendship Maggie is the best source .With in fraction of seconds she can slip in to your heart and be there forever !!You will never escape her mojos! if u need , then check

out with her …. You will accept that she is really a pearl as her name(Margaret) says!!