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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I think this post finds itself here after an extra long gap. The problem is not availability of time but my mind set. I am bit busy with many other things which life wanted me to take care then and there. Ok coming to the post.

Friends let me this time write about some technical stuff .Few days back I came across these sites and I thought it will be better if I can share them with you. Here are the site addresses and I had tagged them with my small explanation. For more elaborations visit the site.

This site is similar to our "add to favorites" in explorer but the difference is since we are saving the site online we can acsses them from any computer .what you have to do for this is first you have to get registered and then you have to download there tool bar .then you can add any site to your list specifying the category, rating etc.

This site has another advantage that they are even listing out the best site in many popular category based on number of times the purticular site was added to there members list. just give it a try being a blogger I hope the site will be of great use.

From this site you can download software called Copernic Desktop Search. This software is same as google in all respects but the difference is, it is used to search in our own PC. This software does the same job done by our windows search but here it is done more efficiently, quickly and makes things easier for users.

Just go to the site you will see the banner at the top with free download button to get this software .download this software and then install it. I feel more comfortable with this than windows built in search engine.

For those who [most of us] don't keep your files in prefect folders this will be of great use.

These is one of the best sites were you can get lots of free layouts for your Blog. But I think in this you have to send a mail to the designer in order to get the codes .But don't worry you will get them soon with in one day no need to wait for long .Go and have a look at the stunning designs based on varying themes. I hope you will love them very much.

If you know any sites like these and if you feel it will be very useful please let me know them. Hope the above sites will be useful for you.