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I am a dreamer.I dissolve & lose myself in to my lucid dreams.I wanna get more obsessed with them and I am working upon it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Now how does my blog look? Doesn’t it look more User Friendly? It all happened yesterday night .yesterday night I went in search of some add-ons for my blog and to my astonishment ,I found out many site providing tons and tons of add-ons that too I don’t have to spend a single penny for them!!*at this place u can append my face with a ear to ear grin* So I thought I can revolutionize my coding little bit by imbibing all these add-ons in to my site and it all happened with out much hassle .But what ? it made me to burn the midnight oil .when I went to bed (I felt as thought my eyes will pop out and scream at me “hey u citrus there is a threshold limit for everything, you cannot punish us more. It’s already five in the morning”).

Even though I strained a lot ,the end product is groovy and it is more convincing .Now my blog is having a Chatter Box –where u can chat and post comments ,it also has a Site Meter which calculate the number of visits,a PollBoard to get the visitors reactions and up above all these now I can upload more and more of Photos here friends. As it is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words” I think with pictures, I can avoid hulky bulky explanations

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I am in very high spirits to say that finally my blog site coding and designing is completed (Obviously after maximum procastination ) .Only the things which are left out is appending few more links and a guest book .For what all I had done here I should be grateful to Deepa( her link is in my favorite blogger’s list) .B'coz it is her blog site , which I visited out of the blue made me more infatuated with this blogging concept and Steered me to have a blog site of my own .Hence the resultant is where you are right now .With the present amount of momentum I have, I think I’ll catch up soon with other habitual bloggers.

I wanna blog socially than personally .So that I can permit any one to see my blogs with out much curb .As I said above my blog will be more tending towards social things like the people I meet daily ,the books I read, the movies I watch and other groovy stuffs.
Here and there, you can see some thing about me too. So from now on, get on with my blog habitually and never forget to comment (B’coz your comments are my motivators).


Hello friends,this is citrus(chitrarasu).please click the link here to go to my blog site .hope you will like my blog.


hey right now testing my codes and I had even added a blog chak to my site.And how can I forget my goodie goodie books and Movies,they have a special place too.wait and watch.