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Saturday, August 07, 2004


This week I am little indolent . Just few weeks back I decided I should post at least a single post once in there days but again I think my sluggishness is taking control of me . Most of my time is wasted in front of idiot box just flicking the remote control . Esp.after seeing Malik Bhai and TII asking me for my post then only I remembered that I had taken more time than my usual average . Then I thought ok today I have to scribble some thing on blog and here I am.

when I thought of what to write ? This thing came to my mind why to write always about me . Instead I thought, why not I write about the things that impressed me very much in others blogs .So let me share few lines form other bloggers.

I think last week I read this post in
Malik Bhai's blog ,he uses lots of one liners in the name of "Strolling Thoughts" I loved them very much .This following one specially because it is very simple and many a times I faced the same vicious cycle …hats off AB'

I stand
I recovered
I remotivated
I recharged
I unselfishly smile
I regroup my thoughts
But then GOD smiles and
I fall again.

Even this one in Malik Bhai's latest post

"I have learned two lessons in my life: first, there are no sufficient literary, psychological, or historical answers to human tragedy, only moral ones. Second, just as despair can come to one another only from other human beings, hope, too, can be given to one only by other human beings." - Elie Wiesel

This one I read in Meera's blog .It is very impressive and especially those last two lines

"What do you see in me?"
I had replied: "I see the universe in you."
He had smiled: "And what do you mean by that?"
I had smiled back: "I see the gentleness of the shy ferns and wild flowers in you, and also
the roughness of the mountains...I see the coolness of the spring and can also feel the
heat of molten lava…I see the magnificence of the sun and the beauty of the moon...
I see everything in you.
"He had said: "You see all that because you love me very much.
"I had laughed: "You are wrong. Because I see all that, I love you."

I think Meera is in bit distress right now. Buck up Meera, hope you will be Ok soon!!

This one I read in
Deepthy's blog

You asked did it feel to miss you...? The whirlwind of strong emotions...of happiness...of separation and longing...of fear...or sadness...of love...and others...the words jotted just a superficial illustration...But I shall understand...even the intensity of the unspoken words ...

This one was send to me by my friend Maggie [right now she dosen't have a blog but hope to see her with one soon]

bluevelvet4u1999 (7/28/2004 3:00:55 PM): Some people wonder how we became such good friends through a keyboard and a monitor. I guess those people have never known the magic of an Internet Friendship .You and I have become great friends! Through the wonders of Cyber Space , we have both shared: our heartfelt joys our deepest sorrows our hidden secrets our loudest laughs our widest smiles at all hours of the day or night. Our Internet Friendship Will Last Forever!

Yeha what she said is correct right whether it is virtual or real world ,True emotions are independent of type of the medium it uses .Chatting ,blogging ,SMS ,Emails all are just nothing but different forms of our intermediate emotional transformations .They are the devices through which our push for swapping feelings , thoughts and information wins over distance .Hats off to the techy guys who are behind all these things because with out them right now you will not see what you are reading .

Hey friends forgot to ask you, how is my new design? Is it ok..I wanna make it little bit trendy by constricting the number of colors than beautiful [like it was previously] .Do u like it ?If you have any suggestion Plz drop them on to me .


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